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Free delivery on orders over £30

Why choose Mum & You?

Designed by mums and for mums

Designed by mums, for mums

Our team of almost 20 mums (and a few dads!) have put their baby brains together to create the products we wanted for our own children. From biodegradable baby wipes that don’t compromise on convenience, to skincare you can apply using one hand at slippery bathtimes! Not bad for a team that hasn’t slept since 2016…

100% biodegradable and eco-friendly

100% biodegradable wipes
Eco-friendly nappies

Mum & You wipes are made of plant fibres. They’re plastic free and biodegrade in just 15 days, meaning today’s sticky mess won’t be a problem for tomorrow’s generation.

Our eco-nappies are made using sustainably sourced wood pulp, and contain no dyes or lotions next to baby’s skin.

We’re kind to the planet, and your baby’s bum!

Supporting mums with every purchase

Supporting mums with every purchase

For every subscription sold, we donate a pack of eco-nappies to the Hygiene Bank. Since we launched in 2017, we’ve donated essential hygiene products to families via Save the Children, The Trussell Trust food banks and various refugee charities. We’re also a flexible working employer that supports mums back into the workplace after a career break.

Sustainability without compromise

Our eco-nappies are wrapped in renewable sugarcane to avoid unnecessary single use plastic. We’re constantly reviewing our products, packaging and innovating new ways to offer solutions without compromise.

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