The Mum & You story

‘it feels like a more nurturing way of doing business’

The Mum & You story is a simple one. We wanted to create a company where supporting mums and their children became integral to everything.

Mum & You started life in 2015, when co-founder, Rajiv, excitedly scribbled his ideas on the back of a restaurant menu. Rajiv spent his career working and travelling around the world, and witnessed children falling through the cracks of society again and again:

“I realised this wasn’t exclusive to poverty; children from all backgrounds and across all countries weren’t reaching their full potential.”

Rajiv wants to create a better world where children live healthy, live strong and live to meet their full potential. You can find out more about this on our nappychat page.

Soon after, Rajiv discovered Natasha Kaplinsky OBE had similar ambitions, and wanted to create a range of products which made mums’ lives easier, and together they founded Mum & You.

Mum & You supports mums by putting aside 1% of its revenue each month to help those in need, and regularly donates nappies and baby wipes to Save the Children and The Trussell Trust (a network of over 400 foodbanks).

Who we are

‘someone has gone through the same thing as me, and thought, what would make my life easier?’

What’s the best thing about being a mum? OK, we won’t try and compete with baby cuddles, that newborn smell (if we could only bottle it!), or those first giggles, but up there on the list of great moments is the realisation that other mums just get it. We get that babies take a lot of work, and that part of that is finding the right products that do exactly what you need.

Whether it’s bath products that only require one hand to use, wipes that biodegrade and leave your conscience as clean as your baby’s bum, or a little treat just for yourself, everything Mum & You makes started off with one question: ‘What would make my life easier?’

Mum & You is a team of mums (and a couple of dads!) that have been there, lived through the gap in the market, and gone on to fill it with wonderful things for you to enjoy.

Rajiv Chandra

Rajiv Chandra

CEO and Founder

Rajiv has spent the last 25 years living and travelling across the world while working at the helm of one of the world’s largest consumer businesses.

Throughout this time Rajiv has witnessed the hugely positive impact made to children when their Mothers are supported by society, given opportunity, hope and chance. He has seen these children flourish – living healthy, stronger lives, filled with potential not compromise.

And he has realised that to help children, you need to support Mothers. Mum & You has grown from this single guiding principle, which remains at the heart of every decision we make.

He, together with his wife Anu, are parents to two ever more independent children.

Anu Chandra

Anu Chandra

Chief Financial Officer and Co-founder

Anu has spent her career supporting women through work.

In the early days, Anu travelled around North East India visiting Mother and child development programmes that her then employer had established. The impact and change brought to impoverished families has stuck with Anu, and since that time, her guiding principle has been to support and help others, specifically Mothers, who she knows sacrifice so much to raise a family.

Anu has long dreamed of running her own programme to help children. Over time this has evolved into Mum & You – which she believes has the power to change the narrative for Mums of the future.

Natasha Kaplinsky OBE

Natasha Kaplinsky OBE

Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder

After 20 years spent in the public eye as a broadcast journalist, Natasha is now more often found looking after her two small children and 47 (!) animals on her rural Sussex farm. Over recent years, Natasha has travelled the world as a Save the Children ambassador where she has repeatedly witnessed children failing to reach their potential across continents and economic divides.

During these visits, she has been struck by the contrast and privilege of her own life, and that of her children, and believes deeply that we all have a responsibility to give back.

Natasha wanted to be part of a brand which, at its heart, offers underprivileged children an alternative, hopeful future.

Andrea Hartley

Andrea Hartley


Andrea started her business journey as a girl helping her own Mum run a business from the family kitchen with her brothers. Now with three young sons of her own, Andrea is an entrepreneur who’s always on a mission. She brings bags of impressive business experience and a sharp focus on our purpose.

Having created and run a leading business dedicated to delivering ground-breaking campaigns on maternal health, early childhood development and other critical issues of our time, it’s perhaps unsurprising that she has now co-founded a company that is powered by and empowers Mums. Through creating Mum & You and embedding its commitment to Mums, Andrea believes that transformative, lasting change is possible.

Jawaz Illavia

Jawaz Illavia

Chief Technology Officer

Having started coding at the age of 10 and dismantling every electronic device his Mum gave him, Jawaz found his calling in technology. Fast forward many years, and after running digital technology and data for one of the world’s largest consumer businesses, Jawaz wanted to work on something for the greater good of society.

So, when colleague Rajiv asked if he’d be interested in helping establish Mum & You, it was a no brainer. Jawaz is the proud dad of two boys whose second language is code.

Catherine Stopp

Catherine Stopp

Chief Innovation Officer

With three young children and the unlikely combination of childhood literacy expertise plus global product innovation know-how for household brands, Catherine’s obsession with innovation and products keeps Mum & You focused. She loves people, understanding what makes them tick and how they live their lives. Her natural curiosity (nosiness!) makes creating products which are safe and have purpose, both fun and rewarding.

David Cowell

David Cowell

Chief Supply Officer

David makes things happen. After 20 years as Head of Procurement at one of the largest global drinks brands, David knows how to deliver. Despite being way too young to have grandkids, David knows how to make a great nappy and get it delivered stress-free. From ensuring our products are made with the kindest materials, to overseeing the timely delivery of each and every bundle, Mum & You is in very safe hands with David. He has two grown up children.

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