5 tips to help you get through lockdown


As we all face another national lockdown, at Mum & You we have pulled together our 5 top tips to help you and your family during lockdown.


1. Commit to an early night 2 or 3 nights a week

Yes we know it’s tempting to sit up late when you’re desperate for alone time. But trust us, just a few early bedtimes will really help. Even just sitting in bed earlier than normal, and reading a book will help you to drift off to sleep and it will make all the difference. Imagine not just reading Peppa Pig?


2. Get out for a walk

Yes it’s January and it’s freezing. But get the layers and the waterproofs on and find some local open space. Even just a walk around the block. And if everyone’s moaning or crying and wants to go home, at least it’s passed some time!


3. Plan a treat meal at the weekend

Having quick, easy meals during the week for you and the family will make your life easier. Then plan your favourite treat meal for the weekend , giving you something to look forward too at the weekend (for you!)


4. Add water

When tensions and energy is running high, either put them in the bath or give them a bowl, an old toothbrush and some toys to clean. You can even add calpol syringes to act as a squirters for older ones and baby’s will love you blowing some bubbles.  Yes there will be mess. But it beats shouting. Just have some towels at the ready. And when they’re in bed (finally) treat yourself to a bath or a long shower.


5. Find online classes

Why not get the children involved in your yoga class online? There are many classes on youtube that are for mum and babies, mum and toddler and mum and child, like Cosmic Kids or Bumps & Burpees. It may help to relieve some stress. Or if you don’t want to do it put a class on for your child whilst you watch with a hot drink from the sofa, don’t forget the biscuit.


At Mum & You, we understand the struggles that lockdown brings as we are all Mums too.


Stay safe, stay healthy,

Team Mum & You

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