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A Very Busy Mother’s Day

So for Mothering Sunday you’d expect an abundance of content from Mum & You celebrating this special time of year. But this week you’ll find us a bit light on content. For the past three weeks our team of relentless, resilient and hardworking mums have been doing everything they can to keep up with demand in baby goods due to Covid 19.

Stocking Up

Our stock levels have been challenged (sorry about the size 6 nappies!) we’ve had to accelarate a launch date (showcasing our new visual identity) and get our next generation biodegradable wipes in stock as old stocks were depleted. We haven’t been able to do everything that we would have liked to celebrate Mothering Sunday with you. What we have managed to do is work with our suppliers to keep our stocks at an acceptable level, launch our new biodegradable wipes early and navigate our way through an IT platform upgrade.

New, New, New

Thank you to our team of super mums who have just got on with it. Please take a look at our new wipes, we hope you like where we’re taking the brand. More products will be launched over the coming months so keep your eyes peeled! They’ll be popping up in new places too (which we’re itching to tell you about).

Mums on a mission

So on Mothering Sunday, here’s to Emma (mum to Martha) who worked tirelessly innovating the new 100% biodegradable wipes with a recyclable wrap flow. And Helen (mum to Roman & Lily) who has managed a myriad of logistical nightmares, kept on top of stock and done everything humanly possible to get the wipes in the warehouse. Silvia (mum to Marc & Martina) who has provided us with so many images in every version possible while battling school closures and illness! Sarona (mum to Lois & Silvie) who’s got all the content together and to the right places….just on time.

And here’s a look at some of our best bits from the past couple of months.


Happy Mother’s Day to you all, we hope you have a fab one but if you give our Mother’s Day Rally Call a read we know you will!

Rachael x

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