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Aarushi’s story (Mum & You mum)

Hi, I am Aarushi, I currently live in New Jersey and I am going to be a first time Mum in May 2021!

I was fresh back from a cruise trip when I first started hearing about the Covid-19 virus in Jan 2020 and didn’t think much about it. Around the same time, my husband and I started talking about having a baby. Then came March and the New York/New Jersey area was the worst struck state in the US – with the daily new record number of cases and deaths. We thought this would be all be over in a couple of months at most and stuck to our baby making plan. The lockdown didn’t end but we found out that we are going to have a baby in August 2020 – we were ecstatic.

We made appointments with our OBGYN practice and were excited to hear our baby’s heartbeat – but were told that I had to come alone to all my appointments. We were quite disappointed that he will miss all the chances to see the baby before birth but were still hoping that the lockdown rules would relax by the time we were to have our 20 weeks scan. Finally, they allowed my husband to be in the ultrasound room with me and at 22 weeks he watched our little one kicking and rolling on the screen for the first time!

I am thankful that our pregnancy is going well till now but sometimes I do feel isolated – not being able to see any family or friends I think I am not able to celebrate/experience my pregnancy as I would have wanted to. Not getting a chance to meet any new Mums or Mums to-be to share our experiences, taking birth classes online and preparing to give birth while wearing a mask – everything is overwhelming!

As we are nearing our due date with the pandemic still going on strong, we are mentally preparing ourselves that we might not be able to see our family for a long time to come. Both our parents and family live in India and it break our hearts that they will miss all the new baby snuggles and cuddles of their grandchild.

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