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Claire E’s story

Hello, I’m a first time mum, I’m 38. I found out I was pregnant at the end of January last year but decided not to tell anyone until after my 12 week scan and Harmony test. Unfortunately the Harmony test failed the first time… And pushed my results into the first week of lockdown. Which meant I had to tell my family and friends over video calls. This is my mum and dad’s first grandchild, same for my partner too. It was heartbreaking to tell them all like that. Then not being able to celebrate with friends the way I’d always imagined .

Then later going on maternity leave without goodbye celebrations from work, a job I’ve been at for 15 years.

My partner didn’t attend a single scan or appointment besides the Harmony test we paid for. This will be our only child so he’s missed out on something, we have missed out on something we can never get back.

The birth itself didn’t go to plan, I planned a midwife led, pool birth using hypnobirthing. I ended up having an emergency c section…

Then being in hospital for 5 days with my daughter due to us both having an infection. Nobody allowed to visit. My partner held her briefly after she was resuscitated in the operating room, but after that he didn’t hold her until we left hospital 5 days later. He drove to the hospital and waved up to us on the 3rd floor through the window.

She’s here, she’s healthy, she’s wonderful. I’m overwhelmed with how much I love her.


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