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Cutting it – top 5 tips for teething

There’s no question – we all feel a pang of pride when our babies cut their first teeth. It’s a real milestone when the first pearly whites arrive, a sign your little bubkin is growing up. But any teething phase, whether first or last, can be a bit tricky. Grizzly baby, drool everywhere, disruptive sleep and nappy rash are all hallmarks of teething. It’s also horrid knowing that your baby is uncomfortable.

So, to try and help, here are our top tips for managing teething….


1/ Cool as a cucumber

Gums can get really sore when a baby is teething. Extra relief can be found from chewing anything cold. Popping a teething ring in the fridge (never the freezer) can make it extra effective. If your baby is over 6 months you could try keeping chunky cucumber sticks in the fridge and then wrapping them in a clean dry muslin that has been stored in the freezer. Babies love it. The muslin provides extra texture and reduces drool and cucumber juice from gathering on your baby’s chin and clothing.


2/ Skin on skin

It might have been a while but a return to skin on skin cuddles with your baby will not only distract them from the pain but also help them produce happy hormones that reduce it. This tip works particularly well before bedtime as it can help little ones feel safe and relaxed. If your baby is a little bigger why not try taking their bedtime bath with them – they’ll completely forget about the sore gums!


3/ Extra dribble = extra bibs

You’ll need extra muslins and bibs to cope with the excess dribble caused by teething. You may also want to invest in a cream or ointment that is designed to protect a baby’s skin from the soreness caused by a drooly chin.


4/ Stock up on the essentials

Teething makes your baby produce lots of extra saliva. If your baby is more of a swallower than a drooler then you are almost guaranteed some interesting nappy action…and more of it. Poops can be more frequent, more mucousy in texture and trigger nappy rash. You’ll want extra baby wipes, nappies and bottom balm to see you through.

You may also want to stock up on extra surface wipes to wipe up drool and sanitize frequently chewed toys….which leads us to…


5/ Wooden toys

A sure sign of teething is gnawing at a toy. Wooden toys are excellent for this, just make sure you buy baby safe ones which will have been designed to be big enough not to be a choking hazard and also have non-toxic baby-friendly paints and coatings. You might also want to look at trying a teething necklace. Specifically designed to be worn by mums, this gives your baby something to chew on and play with whilst they’re having cuddles.


Good luck and let us know if you have any other suggestions!

Team M&Y xx

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