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From stilettos to sippy cups

At Mum & You, we listen to Mums. Mums like you, with ideas and imagination and of course brilliant little people who demand all of your attention, all of the time. So we’ve made some short films about just that.


We know that some days just getting out of your pyjamas and managing to drink a hot cup of tea feels like you’ve conquered the world. And on a really good day, when you’ve managed to get everybody breakfast, put on a wash, and even put matching socks on your own feet, well…..we know that the best thing we can do is give you practical ways to keep just nailing it, even while you are rocking toast crumbs in your hair. We are also giving you the chance to tell us what you need, to talk to us about what would make your Mum life just that little bit easier – and sorry, we haven’t yet invented the technology to add four hours to your day. Our philosophy #bymumsformums is at the core of everything we do. And we want to get you involved in the conversation and add your voice to the Mums that are making a difference and inspiring us. If you prefer email to social, get in touch:

Making life easier

As a Mum, you sit at the very heart of the Mum & You brand. Our mission to bring you practical, unique and inspiring products means that consulting Mums like you is core to our process. And that is exactly what we have done in our short films. You might find you identify with the Mums who feature in our films, sharing that feeling of waving goodbye to the old you when you first became a Mum. Swapping heels and a clutch for a changing bag full of teething rings and half-eaten biscuits can take some getting used to. And in the fog of newborn sleep deprivation, endless nappy changes, and next to no time for YOU, it can feel like you will never see the ‘old you’ ever again. But, fear not! At Mum & You, we have designed our products with Mums in mind. We want to do whatever we can to make life easier for Mums, because we know exactly what it’s like to feel stretched in all directions.

Creative Mums

It isn’t only the amazing Mums willing to share their experiences on camera that have inspired and motivated us. Long before we got to know Magdalene and Rebecca who feature in our new films, we crowdsourced creative ideas from Mums. First-time Mum Diana landed the job and produced the magic behind the camera. She was delighted to receive a brief to make a film representing real Mums. This Mum & You film-making approach means we can share inspiration and ideas #bymumsformums that can make your life as a Mum just that little bit easier, and your family time stress-free and loads of fun.

You can check out the films here

Meet Magdalene – she knows being a Mum isn’t always easy

Share with other Mums    .

And meet Rebecca who shares her experience of the reality of being a Mum

Share with other Mums    .

Get involved in the conversation using the hashtag #bymumsformums and, who knows, you could even feature in our next short film!

Wishing you gummy smiles with not too much dribble on your clean top and at least one hot forkful of your dinner.

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