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Hallooooween fun at your haunted house

Pumpkin Playtime - the Mum & You guide to Halloween

We’re sharing our spooktacular ideas, as tested on our own little monsters, that you can easily do with your young ones at home. Happy Halloween!



Witches hat

Cut out a large triangle from card.

Take a strip of card about 5cm wide, wrap it around their head, mark where it overlaps and cut. Double check its the right size to form a circle that will fit onto their head.

Let your child decorate both parts. Glue or staple the strip to make a circle and then attach it to the triangle to make your hat.

Spooky cards for missed family and lonely neighbours

This is a great one for baby’s first Halloween.

  • A hand or foot print with white paint makes spooky ghosts
  • Two hand prints in black paint and goggly eyes for scary spiders
  • Black hand print for a cats body. Paint in the face and decorate with bright pipe cleaners or sequins
  • Trick or treat, smelly feet. Green foot print for monsters




Pin the tail on the black cat

Draw a simple cat outline on some white or black card, minus the tail. Draw a long, chunky, squiggly tail on another piece of card. If your using white card, let little ones colour the cat in. Cut out the tail and stick the cat to the wall.  Pop some blutack to the back of the tail or loop a small piece of sellotape so its sticky on both sides. Blindfold your little one with a scarf or get them to close their eyes. They then have to try and pin the tail on the black cat!

Trick or treat hunt

Write some silly tricks on a piece of paper or card. Try…

  • Hop on one leg 8 times
  • Get down on all fours and pretend to walk and purr like a cat
  • Put your arms out in front and pretend to walk like a mummy or zombie
  • Sing itsy bitsy spider
  • Fly around the room like a witch on a broomstick
  • Find 3 items that are orange
  • Find 3 items that are black
  • Facetime a love one and shout boo

Hide the tricks with a small treat around the house and send them on a hunt. When they find them, they need to do the trick before they can have their treat!


Spooky food

Edible spiders

  • Melt 100g of chocolate and mix with 100g of rice crispies. You could also add some raisins
  • Spoon into 12 cake cases
  • Snap chocolate matchsticks into 4 pieces and add 8 small pieces to each cake to make spider legs
  • Top with two smarties for the eyes
  • Leave to set in the fridge and then gobble up

Mini pumpkins

Satsumas decorated with a black sharpie make perfect mini pumpkins that are a healthy treat.



3 ways with apples

  • Pumpkin stamp: Cut an apple in half and you have a perfect pumpkin shape! Stamp into orange paint and add goggly eyes and black paint for a mouth
  • Chocolate covered apples: A full one can be too much for small children so instead cut a chunky slice of apple, push a lolly pop stick through the middle and help little one to dip into chocolate. Add sprinkles for extra fun
  • Apple bobbing: Wasn’t this the best game when we were little? Pop apples into a bowl of water and with hands behind their back, bend down and try and get an apple using just their mouth!


Share your Halloween at home fun below!

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