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How to Care for Baby’s Skin This Summer

At Mum & You, we welcome summer sun with a warm embrace.

The days a brighter, warmer and as parents, a little wilder. And with the change in weather, we adjust our little one’s skincare routine accordingly.

During the day

Baby’s delicate skin is often easily irritated in summer what with increased sweating, air conditioning and humid nights. The natural sunflower, jojoba & camomile oils in Mum & You Mums Touch Massage Oil for Calm Days offers gentle nourishment for baby’s summer skin, leaving it soft and supple. Remember to keep baby well hydrated and out of the sun to ensure comfort and safety during the longer days.

With sun and sweat, babies and children can also get pretty grubby in summer and are more prone to prickly heat. At the end of a long summer’s day, Mum & You’s Newborn Hair & Body Wash is a gentle bath-time choice to keep little ones clean and comfortable, ready for another day of summer fun. The thoughtful pump dispenser allows one-handed use for extra safety and ease at bathtime, whilst the product is specially formulated to be tear-free and dermatologically tested to be suitable for the most sensitive skin, including newborns.

When out and about (even in shade), always ensure you use plenty of SPF and sun protection, including hats, long loose-fitting cotton clothes and sunglasses where necessary.

Mum & You Face the Day Stick is a wonderful multi-tasking balm which helps to soothe irritated and chapped skin caused by wind, dribble, and even weather conditions. Babies may suffer from dry skin after the change in weather or after being exposed to air conditioning, which tends to be dehydrating for the skin. Apply generously (suitable for the whole family, too!) and revel in supple and soft baby skin.


The Summer months are a great time for getting baby into a calm bedtime routine when the lighter evenings can often make it more challenging for little ones to get to sleep. A lukewarm bath with Mum & You Baby Bath Oil and a massage with Mum & You Mums Touch Massage Oil for Sleepy Nights is a welcome addition to your night-time routine, allowing baby to relax for a fuss-free wind down and more comfortable night’s sleep.

Do you have any tips or advice on how you best look after baby’s skin during the summer months? Please share them with us – we love to hear from you!

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