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Jemma’s story

This is probably a pretty common story throughout the pandemic but I found out I was pregnant just before the first lockdown. We’d just come back from a holiday in Australia where the virus had gotten to Tom Hanks and when we got back everything had changed so much it felt like we were in a different world. 
Having not been at work for weeks we then had to work from home straight away and catch up on things virtually. 
I’ve had to attend all of my scans and appointments alone and had to share the news virtually with all of my family. 
I’m lucky that both of our parents have met their very first grandson in person once but no one else has and neither have they since. 
It’s heartbreaking to see how much everyone just wants to hold him and all they can do is see him grow bigger through photos and video. 
Maternity leave has definitely not been what I planned too. I imagined baby cinema, coffee shops, pub chats and lots of baby classes. Instead it’s cold walks in the rain until you have to get home fast to feed and change the baby. 
I had a traumatic forceps emergency delivery and really struggled with breastfeeding and there has been some amazing help but it’s hard to connect with masks on and distance enforced. 
I’m hoping things get better for everyone over the next few months so we can start to embrace the community of new mums properly. 
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