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So I finished work on the 10th March 2020, looking forward to mat leave meeting family & friends, baby groups, visitors at the hospital! Well lockdown started 6 days after I finished work! I had to go to 2 scans on my own as my daughter was showing big. I got admitted to hospital 5 days before I had her, I was on my own, no visitors, couldn’t leave the ward etc.

I had my daughter on the 17th April via csection for which my partner was there for, however he had to wait in the waiting room until I was ready. My daughter got took to NICU when she was 3 hours old 😭 we couldn’t go and see her together, we had to go down separately.

When we brought her home after a week, all family members met her through the window. To this day she still hasn’t met some family due to the situation. I struggled with PND as well as I felt so alone. So yes it’s been hard, luckily I’ve been able to do online classes however I’ve not been able to talk to other mums asking questions like “is this normal?” 

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