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Meet the team – Rachael

In this week’s Meet the Team post, we asked our Head of Digital, Rachael, a few questions. You might not have seen Rachael much before (she runs a mile if she sees a camera), but every time you see us online, you’re looking at her work. She recently managed the change to our new-look website, and is responsible for just how easy it is to shop with us! Here’s what she had to say:

When did you start working at Mum & You?

I joined Mum & You in September 2017 while we were still working out of our CEO’s garage (we’ve moved twice since!). We were without a transactional website and our nappies were still on the production line!

Why did you join Mum & You?

I’ve worked in start-ups on and off for twenty years and saw this as a great opportunity to be part of a brand with a great ethos and purpose. As a mum, I needed some flexibility but was under no illusions that this journey would be easy.

What’s your role at Mum & You?

As a start-up, I think I’ve done most things in the last 18 months, initially to deliver the website, and now my role has grown to cover both technical and marketing activities. We’ve even branched overseas and are currently setting up an office in New York!

What’s been the greatest challenge so far?

1. We listen closely to our customers and we’re striving to build our future plans around this. When we don’t delight them we take it seriously (so the negative feedback can hurt us, hearts on sleeve and all that!). In the long run, listening closely is what will make us even stronger.
2. Competing with the bigger brands who have bigger budgets. Our agility stands up well to them though.
3. The amount of ideas within the team and learning to say no!

What’s your favourite product?

Face the Day stick and I’m very, very excited about something that will be launching later in the year. It’s truly innovative and it will really support new mums.

What you working on next?

Building a better nappy subscription, launching DTC in the US and upgrading our web platform…..

Who’s your favourite Mum & You employee?

Laura (but Catherine if she’s asking).

Rachael x

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