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Mum friends – we couldn’t do it without them. An interview with Mush.

‘When you become a Mum, you need friends who want to talk about babies!’ – Sarah, co-founder of Mush.

Becoming a Mum is one of the most amazing things that you’ll ever experience, but it can also be one of the loneliest. Your old friends don’t get why you can’t make Saturday night out in your spangly high heels anymore (we don’t need to tell them it’s because you accidentally fell asleep on the sofa at 7pm). You want someone to talk to about sleep, and weaning, and the best choice of top to disguise banana stains.

During the long early days with a brand new gorgeous bundle of joy, it’s important you don’t feel like you’re doing it all on your own. This is where Mum friends -new or old – step in.

We all have bad days; whether we’ve had no sleep, or the toddler has decided to let us have it for making their toast too ‘toasty’, or because we can’t actually see the toddler behind the washing pile. Having a friend to share those not-so-perfect days with can make all the difference. And it helps the little things stay little.

We caught up with Sarah and Katie, the co-founders of Mush – an app dedicated to helping Mums meet Mums. We asked them why their friendship means so much to them, and how it led them to help other Mums find local friends too.

Watch the interview with them here.


Mush is a fantastic way to find like-minded Mum mates who are local to you. Being open-minded is the key to finding new friends who you will enjoy spending time with, and who can make you laugh over that much-needed cuppa when it all gets a bit much.

Friendship is so important to us here at Mum & You. Co-founders Andrea and Natasha met 25 years ago and have supported each other on their own journeys together as new Mums and beyond.

Supporting you through your Mum journey is the key behind Mum & You products. Mum & You gives you practical support with great products to make life as easy as possible. Our nappy and wipe bundles delivered to your door mean you’ll never be caught short again. Nappy changes become a fun part of the day with nappychat, leaving more time for you to get out and about for a coffee or a walk with a Mum friend or just with your little one.

Join the #bymumsformums conversation and let us know the difference your Mum friends have made to your Mum life.

Wishing you vaguely warm cups of tea together and plenty of lame jokes to see you through the day.

Oh and don’t forget our competition to win one of our Catherine changing bags is live on Facebook until Wednesday 20th December – share it with your friends here.

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