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Mumfessions: Pregnancy Cravings

You’re nearing the end of your first trimester, and suddenly, you must have pickles. But not just any pickles, specifically huge pickled gherkins. And when you’re standing in the checkout queue at Sainsbury’s, you think to yourself nothing – and you’ve really convinced yourself here – nothing would go better with pickled gherkins than chocolate Nesquik. 

We know that during pregnancy our bodies go through incredible changes to adapt to our growing baby, and there are so many things to prepare for whilst your lifestyle changes, such as choosing a name and building a well-stocked nursery.

But there seems to be one change you don’t have much control over, and that is what you crave to eat (and our emotions, but that’s a blog for another day)!

From feeling strong aversions to the food you previously loved to craving foods you hated when not pregnant, it’s clear to see that our tastebuds change as well as the rest of us during pregnancy.

If you find yourself craving some questionable food combinations during your pregnancy, you’re not alone. A survey of 1400 mums-to-be by Pregnacare found that 67% of women experienced cravings during their pregnancies.

We ourselves had a little hankering, and that was to find out what cravings our Mum & You community had to share with us over on Instagram.

Food talk! Tell us about your strangest (and tastiest) pregnancy cravings!:

  • Ham and KitKat sandwhiches 🙊 
  • Peanut butter and cheese sandwiches. Not separately… 😬 
  • Bounty ice cream and I usually hate Bounty!
  • McDonald’s Big Mac 🍔 
  • Hash Browns!
  • None stop orange juice over here 👈🏻 
  • Obsessed with cheese and coleslaw sandwiches my whole pregnancy but they had to be room temp! 🥪  
  • Sardines in tomato sauce… I am a vegetarian 🙄 
  • Strawberry shoelaces, pot noodles, ice lollies, and frozen strawberry lemonade!
  • Spaghetti for me.. funnily enough, he’s now 5 and still has meatballs as his nickname! 🍝 
  • Mini cheddars and quavers 🧀 
  • Green apples, lettuce, and courgettes. Cried when the shop was out of stock 🥬 
  • Hot chili! From jalapenos, first thing in the morning to adding hot sauce and bird’s eye chili to all food! Note: I couldn’t eat remotely spicy food before! 🌶 
  • I went off tea so used to have a cup of warm milk in the evening 🥛 
  • Beige frozen foods in the first trimester, like hash browns
  • KitKat – but had to be CHUNKY!  🍫 
  • Salty Mcdonald’s fries
  • Strawberries and cream. Preferably with blonde sugar 🍓 
  • Repulsed by lamb, but had previously loved it!
  • Oranges and melted cheese 🧀 
  • Coffee granules straight off the spoon  👀 
  • Vinegar on everything
  • I craved chicken and bacon baguettes from Gregg’s 🥓 
  • One day I REALLY needed a cherry Bakewell
  • All the pizza! 🍕 
  • Chocolate milkshake (had to be Nesquik) 😉 

Now, that’s a pretty delicious list, though perhaps we’ll give that peanut butter and cheese sandwich a polite miss!

Did you have any bizarre (or tasty) cravings during your pregnancy? Share your thoughts with us below, we’d love to hear from you! 

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