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Nappy Cakes 101 – Everything you need to know!

Nappy cake made of mum & you nappies

Ever heard of a nappy cake? Not very common or known but extremely popular when it comes to baby showers. We’ll teach you everything about them in this blog so keep reading!

What is a nappy cake?

A nappy cake is essentially nappies stacked next to each other in the shape of a cake. Simple, really! They’re used in baby showers as decorations but also double up as nappy stock for when the baby comes. They’ve become popular over the years because you can decorate them with ribbons and make them look all nice and pretty.

How do I make a nappy cake?

Glad you asked! To make a nappy cake you’ll first need to get all the parts ready – the nappies, string and small elastic bands. Ribbons are optional!

You’ll need about two packs of the Mum & You Size 2 Eco Nappies. That’s about 88 nappies!

After you have all the things in place, it’s time to start rolling the nappies. Get an elastic band ready and roll the nappy up. KEY POINT: Make sure you’re rolling the nappies from the outside and not the inside! Doing this preserves the nappies and keeps them clean for the parents-to-be to use later on.

After you’ve rolled the nappy, take the elastic band and tie it around to keep the nappy in this shape.

Now’s the repetitive part. You have to repeat this process with all the nappies! We’ll take a quick nap while you do that…

Great, you’re back. How are your hands feeling? Keep at it, not long left now!

After you have all the nappies tied (congrats, we’re proud of you!) you can start assembling them.

Mum tip: Start small. Take 4 nappies and cut up some string and tie them together. Then another 6-8, then another 10-12.

This is your time to shine, really! Let your creative side take over and assemble the cake however you want.

And before you know it, you’re done!

We’re kidding. We made one too and it took us an hour. But your soon-to-be parent friends will appreciate you for doing this!

Boo…Can’t I just buy a ready made one?

We hear you. Luckily, there are many sellers in Etsy that provide ready made nappy cakes. But buying two packs of Mum & You Eco Nappies is cheaper than most of the sellers… just saying 😉

Are they edible?

We know what you’re thinking. You just spent an hour or more making a nappy cake and you can’t even have a cheeky slice… Here’s another mum tip. Take this to your soon-to-be parent friends and ask them to exchange this nappy cake for a choccy one. Friendships are all about give and take after all!

We hope we answered your questions. If we didn’t, you’re welcome to leave a comment and we’ll reply as soon as the kids are in bed! Until then, happy nappy cake making!

Team Mum & You

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