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The Mum Magic behind Mum & You products

At its heart, Mum & You is a company that has been created to support Mums. From day one we have put aside money to help Mums that need it most, we help with the return to work and donate our products to families in real need.

Mums will always remain our focus, as we believe if they are supported and happy, their children are far more likely to feel happy and live to their full potential. This is why we operate. We’re pretty good at singing about this side of Mum & You to anyone ‘lucky’ enough to come face to face with us… But, a little like an equally loved yet overlooked second child, we realise we haven’t talked as much as we should about how proud we are of our amazing products – the sale of which enables us to help Mums.

Just like our purpose, all our products are designed with Mums at their heart. More than this, every single one has also been created and designed by Mums. Like most parents, we’ve over-delivered. Leak-free and snuggly soft nappies come as standard, but the smallest details in all our products have been carefully considered to make life for parents that little bit easier in ways you may not even notice or appreciate until the s**t hits the fan (literally).

Picture this – you’ve had ‘one of those days.’ No one got the memo about napping, or sleeping through the night for that matter…it’s been raining all day and your cabin fever could give a caged bear a run for its money. As your phone rings, your eldest shuts their nose in the DVD player just as the youngest poos so determinedly you want to run for the hills. This is the moment you need your products to stand up to the test – no poonami creeping up your baby’s back & out the sides, requiring a full outfit change, you need a nappy that can take it. You need a pack of wipes that doesn’t smell of grandma’s washbag or give your baby hives, a pack you can open with one hand (you’re busy removing the DVD nose with the other one) and a pack which will dispense ONLY one wipe at a time. What’s more you need the wipe to be big, long enough to deal with the crime scene. Because we are a small, agile brand, where mums do the designing, our products have all of this and more. We have the flexibility to come up with innovative features for little extra cost and no compromise on quality – making our products the very best on offer for parents.

Our nappychat nappies are illustrated with beautiful designs and a tribe of fun characters. We even got guidance and advice from The National Literacy Trust and language experts when we developed them. Actual fact; the stories they inspire parents to weave can help aid your baby’s development. But who do they aid most? Like everything we do – parents of course! Why? Because they encourage you to chat and have fun at nappy change time and, yes, distract your baby when you need it most. We’re so excited about this we talked to child psychologist Dr Jessica Horst– watch her top tips for developing your baby’s language here.

Even our packaging has been designed with Mums and Dads at front of mind; it took maternity leave, and the endless new products and subsequent packaging this entails, to make our co-founders realise how much packaging we waste raising a family. Mum & You makes really good products, simply; our nappy packaging is thin – not so thin it rips, but thin enough to not require your teeth or stabbing at it with your car keys to open it. Our wipes are 100% biodegradable and our nappies are made with no glue and less wood pulp than others, resulting in less packaging, waste and bulk. Not only is all of this much better for the environment, it means your bins aren’t going to be overflowing – unless you have been buying shoes late at night again.

Our range of change bags are equally smart – and it’s possible you’ll only be grateful for their innovative features if you find yourself in a rainy park miles from home with a hungry baby. Why? Because we thought of that when we made our seat pad so you don’t get a soggy bum when you need to feed your baby on a damp park bench. We thought of that when we made a special pocket to store rubbish and banana skins, sandy socks and used tissues. We thought of that when we designed straps that can be used as a rucksack, a shoulder bag, or held across a buggy.

Finally, and possibly best of all, we want to get even closer to what mums want and need every day through YOU! We will always try to produce and sell products that our customers are crying out for – as in, if you’re a parent and think there’s something missing from the market, chat to us – if we think other Mums would be interested in buying it too, we’ll make it – and you’ll be well thanked too – you can reach us

Until next time – may you nail that nappy change, master the nap and drink of an entire cup of hot tea. You’re doing great.

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