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Treat yourself this Mama’s Day…

Our next in the series of mum-power posts are by Amiee, blogger at The Ordinary Mama. Here she tells us her favourite ways to unwind and find the ‘You’ in Mum & You.

Us mamas are truly amazing, aren’t we?! I mean, we give up everything in aid of our children without a second thought, be it a thorough night’s sleep, our waistline, nights out partying, and pretty much years and years of peace and quiet. I mean who else would do the cooking, making you loving meals? Wash your dirty clothes with care? Be there to catch you every time you fall? And always be a constant shoulder to cry on no matter how old you get? That’s right, us mamas!

So, it’s definitely about time that we try and treat ourselves, and this Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to start a routine of setting aside some me-time. After all, it is a wonderful celebration honouring motherhood, and what better way to celebrate it than taking some much-deserved time out just for yourself? And remember, don’t ever feel guilty for putting something off, like the ironing or dusting to be able to do it, because we all need a treat, you’re worth it, always remember that!

It doesn’t have to be an expensive treat, like booking yourself into a top-notch spa (although this would be fab!), these could be little everyday treats that will make you feel human again! Making yourself a hot cuppa and curling up on the sofa with your favourite book only needs to be a short break, but a well worth one! Ask your husband/partner/mother/sister, etc to help out if you need them to look after a little one, in order for you to do this, I’m sure they wouldn’t begrudge you of a little time to yourself, after all the hard work you do.

But my favourite treat that I absolutely love is… MY RELAXING BATH TIME! The bathroom is definitely my little haven, I usually tend to do this when I have put Sophia down to sleep for the night (as not to be disturbed!). The first thing I like to do is to get everything I need ready: I will get my PJs and place them on the radiator to keep warm. Get my favourite candles out and place them around the bath. Pour my (adults only!) luxurious bubble bath into hot running water. Have a face mask ready by the bath to put on. My magazines and iPad will be on standby somewhere near. My moisturisers will be in reach for when I get out (eventually!). Oooh and I also (but not all the time) have a cheeky glass of prosecco to add to the unwinding bliss!

And that’s it! I’ll lie back in all the bubbles with a face mask on and a glass of fizz and enjoy reading my trash mags, or watching Netflix on my iPad. I’ll “unwind” like this for well over an hour… I’ve even seen myself let the water out, to run more hot water to keep it toasty. This me-time bath really does make me feel totally refreshed and uplift my mood and makes me feel like me.

But if baths are not your thing, another little pick me up I like to do, is file and polish my nails. This always makes me feel better. Just looking at a fresh shiny coating. And it’s so quick to do to. Try it for yourself. Next time you go shopping, pick yourself up a nice new nail varnish and treat yourself to a mini manicure at home.

I also find that listening to my favourite song or album is a real treat these days too, with all the nursery rhymes that are constantly playing or the Cbeebies sounds from the TV. A bit of “my music” can be so nice to hear and totally uplift your mood.

Additionally, I find making myself a breakfast of fresh fruit, croissant and tea a real treat, as with all the rushing that goes on in the mornings with getting the older children to school etc, I find I never make time for myself and often skip it altogether! To actually prepare something just for me feels like a luxury.

Lastly, another way I like to spend my “me” time is to buy myself a box of chocolates, Ferrero Rocher are my all-time favs, when we do our food shop. I’ll then hide them like gold somewhere in the house, to ensure they don’t get eaten by the husband or children! And save them for when I watch a girly movie!

So, to sum up, here’s a bite size list of ways to treat yourself in bite size moments:

  • Relaxing me-time bath- light your favourite candles, pour in your bubble bath, put on a face mask, maybe a glass of bubbly too and relax and unwind.
  • A quick home manicure- nothing feels quite as nice as a fresh set of polished nails. Next time you’re out shopping, pick yourself up a new shade, try something different.
  • Listen to your favourite songs/album- this always lifts my mood. Have a good dance whilst you’re at it!
  • Buy yourself a box of chocolates just for you (warning: you may need to hide these!) and have a girly film night. Laughing at a good chick flick always gets me smiling.”

However you decide to treat yourself this Mother’s Day, just ensure you do! You don’t need anyone else to tell you that you’re amazing and doing a fantastic job! You are! Now go on, have a little treat… whatever that is to you!


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