What do you pack in your picnic basket?

Tuesday 22nd June marks national picnic day, what do you pack in your picnic backet?

Why not pack a picnic basket and head to the local park Here are our 5 top tips of what to pack:

1. Picnic blanket that you and your little one can sit on for when you find that perfect shaded spot to enjoy your picnic.

2. A variety of finger foods from sandwiches, grapes cut in half, blueberries cut in half, crudités with hummus, yogurts (don’t forget your lunch too).

3. Frozen bottles of water are a great way of keeping your food cool. Once you have eaten your food you have nice cool drinks.

4. Reusable cutlery for yogurts, cold pasta and you can wrap these back up in to napkin and put in to Tupperware so the mess doesn’t go all over your picnic basket.

5. Don’t forget the baby wipes for those sticky fingers and dripping ice cream and did you know we do antibacterial hand wipes.


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