What Does The Term ‘Mum & You’ Mean To Me

Ahead of Mother’s Day this year, we asked some Instagram super stars to tell us their thoughts around self-care and how to make sure you’re recognising your worth every day. Georgina from the mumstricksandbabybits blog told us what the idea of ‘Mum & You’ means to her.

The term “Mum & You” can be confusing to some, and I think that’s because some mums don’t count themselves as ‘you’. You are someone that matters now, even with a child, whether you have a newborn baby or have 5 children. YOU matter.

Georgina and Gabriella

You were someone before you gave birth to your babies. Youhave your own identity, youcan enjoy yourself and still have you-time even with a baby. Self-care is incredibly important when you’re a mum.

I know it’s not easy sometimes, and trust me, I don’t always get me-time and I’m definitely not saying I get me-time on a regular basis, but when I see it’s been a while or I just need a few hours to myself, my husband takes over.

Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to cost a lot of time or money, it can be taking a bath when the babies are down and asking your partner to listen out for them, it can be going out for a coffee for a couple of hours (my personal fave!) or even lying in your bedroom with a facemask on while the kids get taken out for a walk. On my Insta Stories I am always promoting self-care, whether you want to glam-up and put some make up on, go full glam (who cares if you’re not even leaving the house) or waking up 30 minutes before the baby to do a workout and feel better about yourself for the day ahead.

My favourite thing to do in the last month has been waking up before Gabriella three times a week. I choose three things I want to achieve before she wakes up and it sets me up for the day. My must-have is my workout and the other two always change. It could be tidying the kitchen, or a quick iron session and I feel better because my mind feels more relaxed and I get to spend more time with her too.

Who cares if you don’t leave the house? Make yourself feel good!

We need to remember that we are not bad mums for wanting alone time, and I think this is the main problem for most of us. But we need to have a clear head to be a good mum to our little ones and to do that we need to be happy and healthy ourselves.

Of course, being a mum takes over everything else, but we need to remember to stay loyal to our own selves. And while being a mum is hard, it keeps us sane if we have little reminders to ourselves that we are still individuals, and although we can’t put ourselves first anymore, our brains still need a little rest from time to time. So, schedule in some you time, every month or every few weeks jot down on the calendar when you want that break.

Mums Tricks and Baby Bits


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    Totally agree with this! If we don’t make time for ourselves then we can’t really be that much help to a baby, toddler, or teenager if we are tired and miserable! I totes agree with the coffee and workout being the faves… oh and of course a full face of glam lol xx

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