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What is the impact of baby change time?

Here at Mum & You we’re on a journey to create the most sustainable baby products we can. It’s important to us that we give parents the opportunity to look after the environment their children will grow up in, without compromising on convenience –  because we know how demanding modern life can be.

We hope the stats in the graphic above help you to feel good about your choice to use biodegradable wipes. They make sobering reading don’t they! Use traditional plastic-based wipes in non-recyclable packaging and they could still be knocking around when your baby is fully grown and babysitting their Grandkids!

If you’re not using them yet then you’re in the right place! Our wipes are 100% biodegradable and come in fully recyclable packaging. We’re really proud of them. Click here if you’d like to learn more or order a pack.

Thanks for all your help and support, we can’t wait to bring you more products to help your sustainable parenting journey later in the year. Watch this space!!

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