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play, sing and explore with Yip
and her friends


play, sing and explore with Yip and her friends

Introducing Nappychat

‘It’s never too early to talk to your baby – they are ready for stories from birth’ - Dr Jessica Horst, The Word Lab, Sussex University

Each Mum & You nappy features Nappychat – making every nappy change an opportunity to talk to your baby.

Feed your imagination with our playful tribe of characters that appear on every Mum & You nappy. Create magical stories for your little ones, to bond with your baby at change time and beyond.

Every bundle of Mum & You nappies comes with a set of Nappychat flash cards to inspire stories and create fun memories with your baby...

Develop your baby’s language skills with Nappychat

Mum & You consulted development experts like Dr Jessica Horst, Director of the Word Lab at Sussex University to help us nail Nappychat.

It is never too early to start talking to your baby, and it doesn’t matter what you talk about either. They love your voice, they love you and they will love to listen to your stories!

The amazing National Literacy Trust inspired Mum & You Nappychat from the outset. The experts there (all called Claire!) know just a thing or few about how babies learn language. We’ve fed their insights straight into our Mum lab.

Our top 5 Mum & You Nappychat ideas
to slot into your daily routine
  • 1

    Recite a nursery rhyme while you’re feeding your baby

  • 2

    Be inspired by our Nappychat characters to tell stories at change time

  • 3

    Describe what you are buying while you are in the shop

  • 4

    Sing songs while you are bathing your baby

  • 5

    Share a book with your child

Meet the Nappychat characters

Silver and her friends in the sky

Jiffy and his animal friends


Jiffy the giraffe has the longest neck in the jungle and can see far far away. He never sleeps and will always be ready to chat in the middle of the night.


Louis the lion cub has a beautiful mane. He can't wait to grow up and practices hard to be a fearsome lion.

Madam Pustaka

Watching over them all is Madam Pustaka, the wise old cat. She looks after them and keeps them all safe.


Baggy the baby elephant is always hungry. He follows his trunk from snack to snack. His tummy is never full.


Fuzzbuzz the bee, who wants to be a part of everything.


Adding to the busy exciting life they lead is Olabella the little butterfly who loves to sing.


Yip the little puppy is always in trouble. She rushes from one bit of mischief to another.

Jiffy and his animal friends