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Hi. I recently had a baby in January and have used your nappies and baby products. I am a new mum and wanted to say how much I love your range. I was overwhelmed with the different ranges out there and after trial and error decided Mum and You was the perfect company for my baby. I love your broad baby range and the quality is fab. I love the wipes/skincare and use them on my skin too. Keep up the good work!

Saiqa Khan

A few months ago I discovered @mumandyou baby wipes after a tip off from @mother_pukka & I've never looked back!! Biodegradable, gentle on the skin and strong enough to tackle any poo explosion we now buy a box full once every six weeks and it feels great to know that Ollie can have a guilt free poo without damaging the planet!


@mumandyou are making life easier for mums by helping those less fortunate by their charitable donations of biodegradable baby wipes and eco-nappies, not only are they doing this but they are also helping to protect our planet for future generations. I wish I’d known sooner that most baby wipes contain plastic and made the small change sooner to @mumandyou’s which are biodegradable and made of plant fibres!


I bought the 8 pack of these wipes initially. I have a messy 5 year old, a potty training 3 year old and a 1 year old. We get through a lot of wipes.. We used the first pack of these and I was hooked. These are wet enough, easy to use, get everything off, quick delivery, reasonably priced. I love these.


Another thing I wish I'd known earlier was that there are in fact biodegradable wet wipes available which are made from plant fibres instead of plastic. As a large family and someone who uses wet wipes ALOT this is great news as this year we are actively trying to make changes to reduce our plastic use wherever possible.


Fantastic products, Our Florence has not had nappy rash since using Mum & You products. I subscribe to the bundle subscription and can not fault the service. It’s both prompt and great value.


These wipes are perfect for not just my toddler but newborn too. They contain enough moisture to clean baby's skin gently without the need to rub. I love the fact they are biodegradable especially with the amount we all use every day - they degrade in 60 days!


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