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Eco Nappy Pants Have Arrived

You asked – we listened! No more nappy changing battles with new Mum & You Nappy Pants.

We love getting customer feedback – and never more so when our customers give us a clear request for a product they need in their lives.

So began our nappy pants journey – so many of you asked for them that we just had to deliver!

We know that when baby starts getting active and wriggly that nappy change time can become a bit of a challenge. There’s the chasing them round the room, followed by trying to get them to stay still long enough to get the dirty nappy off and a clean one on – all in all it can feel like a bit of a battle.

Our new nappy pants have been designed to help quick and easy change times – even for busy toddlers who have much more interesting things they want to be doing! They are easy on, with super stretchy sides for a quick pull on, and really easy off thanks to the tear away sides.

They still have all the performance benefits of our eco nappies – with our Smart Tube technology they’ll deliver great absorbency and leak protection even overnight, and they’re still dermatologically tested and super soft to keep baby snug & dry. But we’ve also added a soft and stretchy waistband and side panels for added comfort on the move! Plus they’re eco-friendly as they’re made from plant based material and free from nasty chemicals and bleach, just like our nappies. And the packaging is recyclable!

We’ve included some of our new characters and a mix of engaging bright & light colours – great for older babies and to make change time even more of an occasion with Nappychat. For even more hints & tips for chatting, singing and reading to baby, download our Nappychat app on Google Play or Apple Store or check out our charity partner ICAN – the children’s communication charity.

We hope you like them and if you have any feedback on our nappy pants, or any other products you would like to see from Mum & You do let us know – we’re always listening.


Mum&You Eco Nappy Pants are available in single packs, packs of 3 and on subscription in size 5 and 6.





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