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Home with the Kiddies – Things about the house

Yep, it’s another three weeks in lockdown!  In case you’re looking for some kidertainment inspiration here is our newest installment of ideas direct from our team of mums.

This week it’s all about crafts and making use of random items you can find around the house. All of the activities are quick to set up and can be easily adapted for any age from little bubbas to school age kids. We hope you like!


Homemade Play Dough

What you’ll need:

2 cups plain flour
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
1/2 cup salt
2 tablespoons cream of tartar
food colouring (optional)
1 to 1.5 cups boiling water (adding in small amounts until it feels ?)

This play dough takes all of 4 minutes to make. Add ingredients to bowl and mix/knead. Simples. Older kids love to help prepare it, younger ones just love to play with it, and it keeps for a really long time! Thanks to Silvia, our senior digital creative, for this absolute winner of a recipe.


Egg Box Art

There’s only one thing more versatile than a mum during lockdown – egg cartons! Fab Youtube channel DIY with Anna is packed with creative with ideas for using your old egg boxes. From cute animals to fun traffic signs, dive in and get their creative juices flowing.


Sensory Bottles

Pick items of different textures from around the house…dried pasta, marbles, glitter, beads. Add them to empty plastic bottles and you’ve got some fun little sensory bottles. You can make these up to show your baby or if your kids are older, it’s a fun little task to get them finding items to use. If you want to mix it up you can even add coloured or plain water where appropriate.


‘Pop the Corks’ – paint stamps

Apparently sales of wine have gone up during lockdown! Totes understandable – your secret is safe with us (hic)! Put the corks to good use with a little bit of cork art. They make perfect stamps and keep the paint set interesting, having gotten it out around 136 times in the past month! Oh, and can we recommend the very best 100% biodegradable wipes for clean up (?)?


Sink Or Float

Blippi is growing in popularity and for good reason – kids are mesmerised by him (in a good way). His Sink or Float Science Videos for little kids are entertaining with an educational slant. They can also lead to very easily replicated experiments at home that kids find fuuuuuun! (Please be warned that he has quite a squeaky voice).


Hope you all have a good week and enjoy the recommendations. You can find our previous suggestions here along with recipes that you might like to try.

Team Mum & You xx

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