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Our brand new nappies and wipes are here…and here’s what’s different

You might have seen our lovely brand ambassador, Hannah, rave about us on Instagram. When we brought out our new nappies and wipes last month, we couldn’t wait to see what she (and daughter Tabby!) thought:

We’ve been using Mum & You nappies and wipes for all of Tabby’s life, and I’m constantly impressed with the quality of the products. I also love the convenience of our Mum & You subscription. A months worth of nappies and wipes are delivered to our door when we need them, which removes the stress of remembering to buy them in our weekly shop!

Last month, Mum & You launched their brand new and improved eco-nappies and baby wipes, and we’ve been trying them out over the past couple of weeks.

What’s changed?


  • The eco-nappies now feature a new wetness indicator, which is something I find very useful in a nappy.
  • They also now feature exclusive ‘Smart Tube’ technology, which means that the wetness is distributed between three channels, to avoid bulkiness and to ensure a close fit. This is brilliant for night-time wear when nappy changes are less frequent.
  • The nappies are still made using recycled absorbent wood pulp from sustainable forestry and are still packaged in renewable sugarcane material – not plastic.


  • The wipes are now 99.5% natural.
  • And are over 99.4% water, making them extremely kind to sensitive skin. The water is so harsh up here in East Yorkshire that I’ve been using these on Tabby since she was born.
  • The wipes are still plastic-free and made from plant fibres.
  • They’re biodegradable* and suitable for composting too.

What do we think?

I think the new nappy design is brilliant, we’ve had no accidents so far. The wipes are brilliant as always, and I much prefer them to other brands because they feel so gentle. I also use them for removing my make-up!

I love that everything is still so eco-friendly; I’m constantly recommending Mum & You products to family and friends who are expecting, or who have small children. Also, Mum & You donate a pack of nappies to The Hygiene Bank for every subscription sold, so you’re doing a little bit of good whilst buying your monthly essentials.

Mum & You are offering Make, Do & Push! readers 50% off their first month subscription with code ‘MAKE50’. Pop on over to the Mum & You website to check out their range of subscriptions – and I also suggest having a look at their fabulous baby skincare products, because I’m finding the Bottom Balm nappy cream a life bottom saver right now!

Hannah x

*Wipes are compostable according to European Standards EN13432 and are certified by TÜV Austria as OK compost Home.

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