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You asked, we delivered

When you need something as a mum, the chances are you’ll ask another mum. Whether it’s advice, some help during a difficult week or just a rant about another bad night’s sleep, mums are the ones we turn to.

At Mum & You, we’re no different. So, when you said, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if you sold a wipes only bundle?’, we listened. In fact, we sat up straight, got around our meeting table and asked you to tell us more. How many wipes do you need? How often would you like them? And voila, here you have it, the Wipes bundle you requested!

You can now order 24 packs of our 100% biodegradable baby wipes, containing 98% water and zero plastic, straight to your door each month. If you want to make things extra easy, just order once on our subscriptions page and you’ll never have to think about running out again!

But that’s not all! While we were chatting about what you need from us, we came up with a second new bundle! You can now find our Potty Training bundle, containing a reduced nappy subscription and extra wipes for all of those accidents, plus your own set of Jiffy reward stickers.

We listen to what you need, and we always will. If you have your own suggestions you’d like to see us consider, get in touch at

It’s just another reason we’re Mum & You.

Browse all of our bundles here.

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