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Baby names with strong meanings

Following up from our most popular baby names blog, we’re bringing you timeless baby names with strong meanings! Starting off with the boys:


Aaron has significant biblical and historical meaning. It’s origin is Hebrew and in the bible, Aaron is the brother of Moses. It is generally interpreted as being magnificent and rising above others.


Aiden has Gaelic and Celtic origins. It’s most commonly interpreted as “little fire” or “fiery one”, referring to someone with passion and a fiery nature.


The meaning of Ezra is interpreted as “help” or “helper”. It’s a Hebrew name and it has significance in the Bible.


Isaac means “he will laugh”. Isaac was the son of Abraham and Sarah. It’s said that his mother Sarah laughed with joy when he was born.


Zain is an Arabic name with an interpretation of beauty and adornment. It’s often used to describe beauty.

Moving on to girl names with strong meaning:


The most common interpretations of the name Amara are “grace” in Igbo and “immortal” in Sanskrit.


The name Farah is Arabic and it means “happiness”. It represents a sense of joy and delight.


Ava’s roots are Latin, it’s a varient of the word “Avis” which signifies a bird. The most commonly accepted interpretation of the name Ava is “bird” or “life”.


The name Layla has Arabic roots. It’s associated with night and dark beauty. It signifies elegance, mystery and wonder. It’s also popular from the Persian love story “Layla and Majnun” which is considered the Romeo and Juliet of the East.


With a Hebrew origin, Sarah refers to “princess” or “noblewoman”.

That’s all we’ve got today! Did you spot your little one’s name? Let us know in the comments!

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