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The Joys of Playtime

Playing games with babies and toddlers isn’t just about making them laugh (and tiring them out haha!). It’s an important part of their early development. Engaging in games stimulates their cognitive, emotional, and physical growth. As parents, we have a unique opportunity to create meaningful connections with our little ones while laying the foundation for their future learning and social skills. Now to the fun part! Here are some of our fave games to play with our little ones:

1. Peekabo

Peekaboo is a timeless game that people have been playing for generations. Babies as young as six months old can participate and understand the concept. It helps babies develop object permanence and strengthens their visual tracking abilities. The excitement on their faces is the cutest!

2. Shape sorting and puzzles

Sorting shapes and playing with simple puzzles introduces toddlers to basic problem-solving concepts. These activities challenge their minds and improve their hand-eye coordination. As they match shapes and complete puzzles, their confidence soars, encouraging them to tackle more challenges. We only wish that the pieces didn’t fly off everywhere!

3. Dancing and singing

Music brings joy and energy to anyone. Singing nursery rhymes, dancing, and playing musical instruments introduce toddlers to rhythm and melody. Engaging in these activities helps build language skills, improves coordination, and creates a love for music. Don’t forget that you can use our NappyChat characters to create songs for your little ones!

4. Sensory play

Messy play is an exciting way to engage your little one’s senses. Whether it’s finger painting, playing with water, or squishing playdough, messy play enhances their sensory development. These experiences allow them to explore textures, temperatures, and even colours. Here’s hoping that slime can come off carpets!

5. Imitation games

Babies and toddlers love to imitate the world around them. Encourage their curiosity by playing imitation games. Mimicking sounds, actions, and facial expressions boosts their social and language skills while strengthening the bond between child and caregiver. For example, when you’re out in the park ask them to imitate some bird sounds!

We hope these activity ideas are helpful! Let us know what your fave game is.

Team Mum & You xx

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