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Cracking Bedtime with brand new mum & you products

As you read last week, Mum & You have had a seriously exciting and super busy couple of weeks with the launch of our brand new Bathtime & Skincare products and lovely new website!

Lots of you have already got your hands on our gorgeous new products from our three ranges – New Baby Safe & Sound, Baby Explorer, and Mum & You Mum – thank you so much for all the lovely feedback so far, we’re so glad you love them as much as we do! You can check out all of our new products here.

Our Bathtime & Skincare products have all been designed by Mums for Mums. They are practical and gentle, and formulated to help you look after yours and your baby’s skin, whatever their age.

We’ve thought of everything – even the way you hold the bottles! Our non-slip bathtime products come in a one-handed pump, super easy to use when you’re holding a baby in the bathtub.

In search of sleep…

A good bedtime routine could be the key to making sure you get some ‘you time’ in the evenings, not to mention the holy grail, a bit more precious sleep at night. Following the same pattern every evening before bed can encourage babies to get on board with bedtime, meaning they get their much-needed shut-eye, and you get a well-deserved rest!

Our brand new Bathtime & Skincare products are designed to make it easy to create a bedtime routine that works for you and your baby.

A warm bath…

Baby Explorer Bedtime Bubbles

 A bubbly bath at bedtime is a lovely treat and sometimes absolutely necessary for getting clean after a day of messy adventures!

Gentle enough to be used as often as you like, Bedtime Bubbles are perfect for fun-filled bathtimes.


Baby Explorer Bedtime Bubbles


Time to relax…

New Baby Safe & Sound Mums Touch Massage Oil


New Baby Safe & Sound Mums Touch Massage Oil

Giving your baby a gentle massage can be a brilliant way to help them relax before bedtime or just to help you both chill out and take a moment together at any time of day.

Our two soothing Massage Oils can help Mums & babies relax and bond together right from birth. They come in a dual pack with different blends for calm days and sleepy nights.


And a bedtime story…



Our cheerful tribe of nappychat characters feature on every Mum & You nappy – providing you with some inspiration for stories and rhymes at bedtime.

Meet Silvia, the creative talent behind our nappychat characters.


…and when you’re done…

Mum Bright Eyes Gel


Mum & You Mum Bright Eyes Gel

Sometimes, despite all our best efforts, bedtime just doesn’t go to plan. If you are one of the many Mums facing sleepless nights with a baby who thinks sleep is old news,
our Bright Eye Gel can save the day by helping you to brighten up and feel tip top.

Our Bright Eye Gel revitalises exhausted eyes to help them feel less puffy & tired.

We’d love to hear what you think of all our new products – check them out here and get in touch to tell us what you think!
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Wishing you bright eyes, bushy tails and just a little bit more sleep. Mum &You.

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