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brrr…it’s cold!

We can’t win in this wintry weather…it’s not just the cold that can dry out yours & your baby’s skin, but too much central heating can have the same effect!

Sometimes winter with a baby isn’t much fun – you can feel like you’re both bouncing off the walls inside the house, but the cold & drizzle can stop you from getting out & about so much – a surefire recipe for cabin fever!

Mum & You products can help you look after your baby’s skin while you get on with having adventures together, whatever the weather.

Face The Day Stick

Our glorious Face The Day Stick is a total lifesaver in the cold and the rain – and it even forms a barrier against snot & dribble too! Find out more here.


Face The Day Stick

Mum & You Face & Body Moisturisers are the perfect antidote for too long in the central heating or a day out in the freezing cold!

New Baby Safe & Sound Moisturiser


New Baby Safe & Sound Face & Body Moisturiser

New Baby Safe & Sound Face & Body Moisturiser is gentle enough for the newest of babies & comes in a one-handed bottle for juggling life with a newborn.


Baby Explorer Face & Body Moisturiser

Baby Explorer Face & Body Moisturiser looks after your baby’s skin as you start to explore the world together. Spending more time outside visiting the ducks or pottering around at the park is brilliant fun & great for both of you, but you want to look after your baby’s skin at the same time. Not to mention all that wiping up once they learn how much fun banana in their hair actually is!


Baby Explorer Moisturiser


Mums Hand Cream

Don’t forget your skin is important too!

Anywhere Anytime Hand Cream

At Mum & You, we look after Mums too. Our gorgeous Anywhere Anytime Hand Cream can be used as often as you like throughout the day to combat the effects of cold weather, central heating, and all that hand-washing we have to do! Its rich & conditioning formula keeps your hands moisturised, it’s super easy & quick to rub in, & it smells gorgeously uplifting too!

As you can probably tell, we’re super proud of our brand new products, and we’d love you to check them out here. Let us know what you think on Instagram using #Mumsrock@mumandyou.

Wishing you warm toes, sunny winter days & plenty of adventures. Mum &You.

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