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Hospital bag prep – we’ve got you covered

We wanted to dedicate a little bit of time to celebrating mums-to-be in this week’s blog! We know how exciting, exhilarating, and downright exhausting the rollercoaster of growing a whole new human can be, and we think you all deserve a massive shout out, not to mention a big bar of chocolate and a foot rub.

As you’d expect, behind the scenes at Mum & You, there are a LOT of mums, and we all look out for each other and swap sympathetic advice on anything from surviving sleepless nights to where to buy baby socks that actually stay on properly (seriously, it’s a thing). We understand what a brilliant job you are doing so we are high-fiving, low-fiving, side-fiving all mums-to-be this week and just letting you know how special you all are!

If you haven’t already, watch our short film with Sheena & Anna Byrom – two tip-top midwives with the most important message for all mums-to-be and those supporting them. Watching the film feels like getting a great big hug from these inspiring women so check it out now!

In our experience, one of the things that mums-to-be spend quite a long time googling is ‘what to put in my hospital bag’. You can read 101 blog posts and lists on what you can’t leave home without (we love this one from rockmyfamily), but here at Mum & You we couldn’t help but go one step further based on mum feedback and provide you with the perfect bag itself.

We are so delighted to introduce you to our Mum & You Mum-to-be Hospital Bags – gorgeous Mum & You change bags filled with our nappychat nappies & 100% biodegradable baby wipes – everything you need for those first nappy changes in hospital!

Whatever stage of pregnancy you’re at – from those first few weeks of feeling totally hanging whilst eating ALL the crisps, to the last trimester when you start to wonder if you’ll ever see your toes ever again – we think you are fab.

This week, try & find the time to do something just for you – have a sit down with a magazine or your favourite blog (ahem), take yourself for a swim or a walk, get your nails done, anything to remind you what an amazing and important job you are doing. And remember…we think mums-to-be ROCK!

Wishing you comfy trousers, snacks that don’t make you sick, & plenty of taking it easy.

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