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We’ve hired our 10th mum!

When Mum & You was founded, its creators had one main objective in mind: help other mums. One of the ways we do this is to grow our company to be able to recruit more mums who are passionate about our products and the reasons we exist.

Laura joined the team this month as our new Communications Manager. She’ll be posting on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, so be sure to say hello!

Laura is a millennial mum of two year old Maddie, a giggling ball of energy that loves spending time outdoors and painting.

Before joining M&Y, Laura was a freelance PR and marketing manager, and lives in Yorkshire – just another perk of our great flexible working ethos! She approached us in late 2017 to show us the kind of content she liked to create and the rest was history! She’s now a member of the M&Y family alongside our team of innovators, designers and techies.

Want to know more about our approach to family-friendly working and supporting mums? Look out for future blog posts to learn about how we work.

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