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How to garden with toddlers

It’s National Children’s Gardening Week! Gardening is a wonderful activity that allows children to connect with nature and learn about the world around them. Engaging toddlers in gardening not only stimulates their curiosity and creativity but also creates a sense of responsibility and patience. By involving your little ones in the gardening process, you can create a nurturing environment where they can explore, learn, and develop a love for plants. Here are some tips on how to garden with toddlers:

Start with Child-Friendly Tools. Invest in child-sized gardening tools that are safe and easy for toddlers to handle. Choose lightweight tools with blunt edges to minimize the risk of accidents. These tools will make your child feel independent and encourage them to participate in gardening tasks.

Select Interesting Plants. Focus on plants that capture your toddler’s interest. Brightly colored flowers, fast-growing vegetables, or aromatic herbs are great choices. Discuss the plants’ colours, shapes, names, and the way they grow with your little one. Encourage them to touch and smell the plants gently, engaging their senses and developing a connection with nature.

Create a Dedicated Gardening Space. Choose a small area in your garden or use pots on a balcony or windowsill for your toddler’s gardening space. Let them take ownership of their patch and allow them to choose what they want to plant. Make sure the space is easily accessible for your child and making sure they’re safe while exploring and watering their plants.

Make Exploration and Learning Important. Encourage your toddler to explore the garden, discovering insects, worms, and other critters that play a role in the ecosystem. Teach them about the importance of pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, in the plant’s life cycle. Engage them in activities like planting seeds, watering, weeding, and harvesting, while explaining the purpose of each step.

Encourage Creativity. Gardening offers a lot of opportunities for creativity. Allow your toddler to decorate plant markers, create handmade signs, or design a garden pathway using stones or shells. Such activities help their imagination and make the gardening experience even more enjoyable.

Keep Their Hands Clean. Use our Mum & You biodegradable plastic free baby wipes to keep your little ones’ hands clean throughout the process.

We hope you have a lovely gardening week!

Team Mum & You x

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