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Leah’s story

First time mum, Violet Rose is 19 weeks old. I feel like this ‘pandemic’ has cheated me out of the maternity leave I’ve been dreaming of for years but I’m reminding myself daily how blessed we are.

Violets a rainbow baby, I miscarried in November 2019, found out I was pregnant in January 2020, then March happened, tbh, the slow pace of life through lockdown 1.0 was blissful, I spent the majority of my pregnancy wfh, on a sun lounger in my garden. The anxiety was rife and scans alone were terrifying, always worrying there would be something serious I needed to remember to tell my husband and he’d have questions I hadn’t thought to ask. Lucky for us I sailed through the pregnancy and had the most wonderfully positive birth experience, Violet made a swift entrance earth side and I’m in awe of my bodies ability to grow and adapt!

It’s lonely for sure, so many of my friends have young children and babies but we can’t meet up and enjoy these baby moments together and that’s hard. Hopefully spring will bring some warm weather so we can meet in parks for picnics and gossip. The lack of social interaction is so isolating at a time when so much has already changed in my life. 

P.s your wipes are the BEST! 

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