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Meet the team: Rachel (and bump!)

Hey, I’m Rachel, mum to Olly the Westie, who loves cuddles and kisses, my very cute and cheeky identical girls Rose and Evelyn who are nearly 3, and another one in my tummy who is arriving at the end of June!

I’ve been with Mum & You since last summer when I joined as Digital Marketing Manager. At that point I hadn’t worked for over 2 years while I’d been on extended maternity leave with the twins, and I was very aware that I still very much had baby brain!!! But M&Y took me under their wings and gave me the confidence to remember the old me and that actually, I’m still very good at my job despite my lack of sleep since 2016! That’s what I love about this company, not only are they there for our customers, but they support women back into the workplace, with flexible and part time working that works for us as they recognise we still have a lot to offer the world as well as look after our family!

The main part of my role is to manage our email marketing campaigns, so I send you all the latest news, promos and gossip straight into your inbox. I’ve also been working with the lovely charity Tamba, who support parents of multiples from pregnancy through to parenthood. So if you have twins, triplets or more join Tamba and you’ll get 20% off with us, as well as supporting the great work they do.

My fave product has to be our biodegradable babywipes. I must admit I feel mega guilty that I didn’t know that most baby wipes contain plastic, especially considering how much I use. So now I have a clear conscious, plus they’re a great size and really strong for all the messes you come across (stinky bottoms, baked bean sauce on faces, crayon on walls!).

And even though I’m about to finish for maternity leave, I’m looking forward to watching how Mum & You blossoms over the year ahead.

Bye for now,

Rachel x

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