Mum & You birth story

First off, thank you! Not only are we brand spanking new, this is also our first ever blog post – gulp. So, like the new kid in the playground, we really appreciate your seeking us out and supporting us.

The story of Mum & You (M&Y) reads a little like a desperately wanted baby that took time, work and much emotion to conceive. And we’re as proud and obsessed as any new parents….just check out our Instagram feed if you don’t believe us!  For the last nine months (plus) a small team of co-founders have huddled around a table in an office above a garage on the edge of London until the wee small hours talking, planning, connecting and creating.

And we couldn’t be happier to be launching M&Y in the place we now find it. A company that, at its heart, has been created to help Mothers. While our products are pretty damn brilliant (intuitive, innovative and contemporary), in a sense, they are the means to an end, not the purpose of the company itself.

Our founders come from diverse backgrounds – ethnically, professionally and politically. But one thing connects them – their vision… Well two things, they’re also all parents. Each of them has witnessed time and time again children – from all backgrounds and in many countries, falling through the cracks of society – limiting their potential, health and happiness. We have also all seen how this can dramatically change when a Mother is supported by society – given opportunity, hope and support. And this is why all products M&Y make are designed by Mums, it’s why from day one, money has been put aside to help them return to work. It’s why we donate nappies to those who need it most and it’s why we partner and work specifically with companies that are supporting Mums in much the same way. Our filmmakers, photographers, illustrators and contributors are predominantly Mums who, because of our policies, are able to work flexibly to suit their needs and those of their family. Because we believe all this will lead back, even if at the beginning, it’s a drop in society’s ocean, to happier, healthier children more likely to reach their full potential.

So, back to our first point, we’re so pleased you’re here.

Join us, support us, tell your mates about us, follow us on social media, sing about us from your proverbial rooftops if you can. Because when you do, you will be making a difference, directly helping Mums – in so many ways.

Thank you, and good luck with every little banana skin parenting slips your way this week.

Oh – and in our next blog we’ll be harping on about why our products are so extra special, giving you some insight into the minds of the brilliant Mums behind each one, and telling you how you can get your Mum product dreams to become a reality.

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