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Paternity Leave in the UK

Currently, paid paternity leave in the UK is 1-2 weeks. As we’re parents ourselves, we know that this is not nearly enough.

A recent report reported that 62% of fathers would take longer leave if the rate of statuary paternity pay is increased. This would help close the gender pay gap.

The report also states that the pay that fathers receive (£172 a week) doesn’t allow them to spend much time with their babies and puts stress on families.

Joeli Brearley, founder of Pregnant then Screwed states that the UK has the least generous paternity leave in the EU.

The wanted outcome is to increase paid paternity leave to 6 weeks with 90% of the salary being paid.

We’re a company made of mums and dads. We’ll join the fight for better paternity leave!

Please sign the petition here.

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