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“Pregnancy skincare hero” – The Independent

Our ‘Just a minute’ face mask has been featured in The Independent this week as one of the top 15 pregnant skincare hero’s (whoohoo). The 98.5 per cent natural, midwife-approved sixty second face mask uses toxin-absorbing bentonite clay and daikon radish, which helps reduce blemishes and age spots. It arrives in a glass jar and recycled box and immediately has a calming earthy scent. It’s smooth with a grainy texture, which can double as post-mask scrub. 

They said: “Many clay masks can be stubborn to remove, but this one is effortless and reveals noticeably soft, calmed and moisturised skin without any tightness.”  

Whether you are pampering before baby or want some of that well deserved mummy time this face mask will make you feel like a yummy mummy (to be) in no time at all.  

Read all about it. 

Just a minute is part of a skincare range made just for mum’s unique skin problems. 

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