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Tips for parents for a stress free Christmas

Having a stress-free Christmas with a baby requires some planning and flexibility. Here are some tips to help you enjoy the holiday season with your little one

  • Simplify Celebrations:
    • Keep celebrations simple and focus on the joy of spending time together. Prioritise activities that align with your baby’s routine.
  • Create a Baby-Friendly Environment:
    • If you baby is on the move, think about what needs baby proofing at home, such as the Christmas tree. Ask friends and family to remove anything baby could grab or hurt themselves with before visiting.
  • Stick to the Routine:
    • Try to stick to your baby’s regular routine as much as possible. Ensure they get enough sleep, and plan activities around their nap times.
  • Limit Stimuli:
    • Babies can easily get overwhelmed, so limit exposure to loud noises and bright lights. Consider using noise-canceling headphones or a quiet space for naps.
  • Manage Expectations:
    • Be realistic about what you can accomplish with a baby in tow. Communicate your limitations to family and friends ahead of time to set realistic expectations. Remember that babies and young children won’t remember and family time is more important than matching pjs
  • Plan for Rest:
    • Make sure your baby gets enough rest during the day. Have a quiet and comfortable space for them to nap during gatherings. Take some time for yourself to have some downtime too
  • Delegate Tasks:
    • Don’t hesitate to ask for help with tasks like cooking, decorating, or cleaning. Share responsibilities with your partner or other family members.
  • Online shopping:
    • Take advantage of online shopping to save time and avoid crowded stores. Stock up on essentials like nappies and baby wipes so you don’t run out and have to dash to a busy shop on Christmas eve. A subscription service is even handier so you don’t have to think about it.
  • Accept Help:
    • If friends or family offer to help, accept their assistance graciously. Whether it’s babysitting or bringing over a meal, every little bit can make a difference.
  • Be Flexible:
    • Be open to adjusting plans if needed. Babies are unpredictable, so flexibility is key to maintaining a stress-free environment.
  • Learn to Say No:
    • It’s okay to decline some invitations or events. Focus on quality over quantity when it comes to social engagements.
  • Create Baby-Friendly Traditions:
    • Establish simple, baby-friendly traditions that can be carried on in the coming years. This could be reading a holiday story together or taking a special photo.
  • Babywearing:
    • Consider using a baby carrier to keep your hands free while still keeping your baby close. This can be especially helpful during large gatherings.
  • Capture the Moments:
    • Take time to capture special moments with your baby. Capture photos and videos to remember their first Christmas.
  • Prioritise Self-Care:
    • Take breaks to rest and recharge when needed. If possible, enlist help so you can have some time for self-care.
  • Step back from social media
    • A digital detox or just deleting the apps for a bit will help stop doom scrolling and take off the pressure of living up to seemingly perfectly decorated homes, matching pjs, and banquets of beautifully presented homecooked food. Everyone is going through the same stresses and dropping balls somewhere, they just don’t show it on Instagram
  • Prepare in Advance:
    • Prepare meals and snacks in advance or consider ordering pre-prepared meals to reduce the stress of cooking during the holidays. Plan some simple meals in between the special days
  • Focus on the Joy:
    • Remind yourself and your family about the real joyous aspects of Christmas, live in the now and celebrate the small moments.

Keeping things simple, managing expectations, and prioritising you and your baby’s well-being will contribute to a more enjoyable and stress-free Christmas for everyone.

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