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Why flexible working is best for families

Back in our blog post, We’ve hired our 10th mum!, we promised to tell you about how Mum & You works to help other mums.

Our company was founded by parents who know that the best things for babies is to have a mum who is supported – by society, by their social circles and family, and by their employer.

We’re pleased to report that Mum & You is one of the growing number of UK organisations promoting flexible working. This means our staff can work in a way which benefit their families best. For some, this is working from home, for others, it’s being there to do the school run, knowing their employer has got their back.

Being a mum is hard, and returning to work after having a baby is one of the hardest parts of that. That’s why we believe employers must take the necessary action to support mums and make their lives as easy as possible when returning to work. Happy mums make happy employers, and more importantly, they make happy babies!

We support stay at home mums, career mums, mumpreneurs and everyone in between to make the choices best for them and their babies.

There are lots of ways we support mums, and flexible working is just one of them. Look out for the next blog post in this series about how we’re working with mums to support their futures.

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