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Water Play Summer Sensory Bins 

Sensory bins are great for babies and toddlers alike! From DIY moon sand to water beads and more, these sensory bin activities will have your little ones coming back for more!  

  1. Ocean Sensory Bin: If you have food coloring, washing up liquid and some shells, you can create this ocean themed sensory bin really quickly. Throw in some sea creatures and water beads and you have the perfect go-to sensory bin for your little ones.  
  2. Gelatin and Water Sensory Play Bin: Grab a tray, fill it with gelatin and water and get out in the grass for some messy, squishy fun.  Babies and toddlers absolutely love how this gelatin feels in their fingers plus it’s completely edible… win-win!   
  3. Water Beads and Shaving Cream Sensory Bin: Water beads are  one of our favorite sensory experiences for toddlers. They’re easy to use, make very little (if any) mess and are pure tactile heaven. Grab a container, put in water beads with shaving cream and add a few toys as hidden surprises. You’re little ones will dive right in! 

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