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31 reasons why mums matter this Mother’s Day

As part of our Mother’s Day campaign, we asked our lovely brand ambassador, Hannah, from blog Make, Do and Push, to come up with 31 reasons to mark 31st March. Here’s what she came up with:

Mother’s Day is only a couple of weeks away now, and rather unfortunately lands on the day after the clocks change! Whoever planned the 2019 calendar and thought that was a good idea is quite frankly mean… and I think us mums deserve something extra special this year to make up for it.

As a brand ambassador for Mum & You, the team has asked me to put together a list of 31 reasons why mums matter to mark 31stMarch. Of course, we matter all year round, but it’s been a lovely post to compile – and has made me feel rather empowered.

So here we go:

  1. Let’s start with how we became mothers… I mean, we grew actual people. How awesome and crazy is that?
  2. We birthed those people. No matter how you gave birth, you brought a life into the world – and that’s a pretty amazing thing!
  3. We gave up our bodies for nine months (and beyond) for another life. The ultimate act of self-sacrifice, with stretch marks everywhere to prove it.
  4. We also gave up prosecco for those nine months… Just saying.
  5. We continue to grow and nurture these people outside of our bodies. No matter how you choose to feed your baby, you’re always helping them grow and flourish.
  6. We get waaaay less sleep than the average person and still manage to function (most of time).
  7. And for those days we’re not functioning, our caffeine addiction comes in rather handy!
  8. We know how to do a whole host of activities only using one hand. I once changed Ewan the Sheep’s batteries (complete with a screwdriver) with one hand, whilst breastfeeding my newborn son with my other hand. That’s going on my CV.
  9. We ride an intense hormonal rollercoaster during pregnancy and beyond, and deal with it like a boss.
  10. We have to deal with mum guilt, which never leaves our minds.
  11. We constantly have (in my case) three people’s diaries in our heads; juggling appointments, social commitments, school requirements… World Book Day, Red Nose Day, school plays, school trips… anything else you want to add March?! Oh, newborn vaccinations… Parties! Must. Buy. Presents.
  12. We always try to do everything in our power to make sure our children are happy.
  13. We often* sacrifice that last piece of cake for our children. (*Not every time obviously. We have to teach our children that life can be disappointing sometimes…)
  14. We’ve all dealt with unintentional public displays of nudity with grace and dignity complete embarrassment. Note to self: always wear HUGE knickers under skirts in summer.
  15. We know how to ninja roll out of a sleeping child’s bedroom better than Chuck Norris.
  16. We have another person’s pee on our hands regularly…
  17. …And often poop too.
  18. And don’t get me started on the baby sick. I’m not sure I own any clean clothes at the moment.
  19. Talking of clean clothes, we are forever doing laundry. But it never seems to make an impact on the mountain of dirty garments.
  20. We often find ourselves reading the same book 10 times in a row…
  21. …Or watching the same episode on repeat.
  22. Consequently, we can now recite ‘Stickman’ off by heart.
  23. We have a cupboard of tricks for every occasion. Complete with glue gun, paints and a whole load of glitter.
  24. Our mediation skills could get us a job at Amnesty.
  25. And our cake making skills straddle the line between Pinterest Worthy and ‘Nailed it’…
  26. We endure far too many years of Justin Fletcher in the quest for a hot cup of tea.
  27. Who else is going to remember that there’s homework to do at 6pm on Sunday evening?
  28. We don’t mind 3am smiles and chats… as long as it’s not every night!
  29. Our kisses have magical properties and can cure all ailments.
  30. We give the very best cuddles.
  31. We are ‘Mummy’, ‘Mother’, ‘Mam’, ‘Mama’ and ‘Mum’.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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