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Child Safety Week – Tips and Resources

It’s Child Safety Week, and as parents we know how easy it is for accidents to happen in the house when you have your little one around! Your babies will start moving earlier than you think and get themselves into trouble long before they walk or crawl (ever seen a baby roll over and suddenly they’re on the other side of the rug?!)

We’ve gotten some tips together for you:

Childproofing your home

Childproofing your home is an important step in accident prevention. Installing safety gates at the top and bottom of staircases, securing heavy furniture to the walls to prevent tipping and ensuring hazardous substances like cleaning products are all stored out of reach. Keep small objects and sharp items away from curious hands.

Water Safety

Drowning is a significant concern for young children. Never leave your child unattended near water, whether it’s a bathtub, pool, or even a bucket. Teach your child about water safety, including the importance of swimming lessons and always wearing life aids like arm bands when near water.

Road Safety

Teach your child about road safety from an early age. Hold their hand when crossing the street, use pedestrian crossings, and teach them to look both ways before crossing. Encourage them to wear helmets when riding bikes or using other wheeled toys.

Safety Rules

Educate your child about basic safety rules to follow, such as not running with sharp objects, not playing near open flames or hot surfaces, and not touching electrical appliances. Explain the potential dangers associated with these actions and the importance of following safety guidelines.

Mum tip

Get down on all fours and crawl around like a baby and you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find!

Check out the child accident prevention trust’s website which includes a parent pack to help prevent accidents.

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