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Happy plastic free July!

This month is all about those little changes we can make to our lifestyles to reduce our plastic. And we say little for a reason. At M&Y, we believe every effort is better than none, and from our own experience, we know that whether it’s tackling plastic use, a change to our diet, our baby’s routine, or anything disruptive to life as we know it, that we are setting ourselves up to fail if perfection is our only measurement of success.

We know from the comments we receive about our products that you love what we do, and that you support us in our journey. We also know that some people believe this isn’t good enough. Well, we agree! Our wipes are 100% biodegradable, but we have some way to go before our packaging is just as good. But we call this a journey for a reason. Nobody can reach perfect until they’ve put the miles in to get there. You don’t wake up at the finish line the moment you start a marathon.

Did you forget your reusable cup the last time you bought a coffee? Did temptation let you buy a packet of plastic-wrapped sweets? Did your online food shop turn up in plastic bags?

We’ve all been there, and our point is, we will all be there for some time yet. Until more and more brands recognise the importance of reducing plastic like us, it will be impossible to be perfect in a plastic-free journey. We want to say – that’s OK. You’re trying, we’re trying. We all want to be better, and we can be just one decision at a time.

By supporting us with your purchases, or simply spreading the word of what we do, we can improve faster and better. We pour time and effort into researching plastic-free alternatives for our products every day (just wait and see what we have coming this autumn!), but we need to recognise that what we have is a good start. Biodegradable baby wipes will always be better than plastic baby wipes, and that’s as simple as your shopping decisions need to be sometimes.

So, support us in our journey, and in turn we’ll keep trying to do our best. Because your best is always better than nothing.

With love and thanks,

M&Y x

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