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I want to love my post-natal body, I’m just not there yet…

We asked a wonderful group of mums if they felt happy with their post-natal bodies and if they’d like to celebrate what they’d been through to bring their babies into the world. Several said yes, but when one mum told us she really wanted to be able to say yes, but just couldn’t, we asked her if she’d like to share how she felt. Body positivity is a wonderful thing, but for some, it’s less than instantaneous. Here’s how Chloe from Life With the Busbys feels about post-natal body positivity:

What is body positivity and why is there so much focus on it these days? Why do people share their bodies online? Is it for the validation of strangers? Or to prove a point to themselves?

Chloe @lifewiththebusbys

Recently, I was asked to be involved with Mum & You’s body positivity campaign. I thought about it, I thought for ages about it and you know what? I couldn’t think about one part of my body that I liked. I was never confident in my skin before children and I’m certainly not confident after having four children.

And I think that’s okay! I think it’s okay to not be completely happy with your body, I think it is difficult to accept the changes that happen to your body.

I thought I could post about my hips as they have widened after childbirth, I could post about my stretch marks or cellulite but could I be sure they had come from having children?, I could post about my boobs which are slightly less perkier than they were before due to breastfeeding my last baby for almost 11 months, I could post about a lot of things and I’m sure lots of us mums could!

But then I thought can I post something and say I am entirely confident and happy in my skin? No I can’t and that would be misleading for my followers and other mums.

I was worried about three things:

  1. People judging me and thinking she doesn’t look good, why is she happy with that body?
  2. People judging me and thinking she’s not even that bad why is she posting this?
  3. People thinking I’m posting photos on the internet for attention.

I am quite a self conscious person and just thinking about posting an image of myself was daunting and made me feel anxious.

I am so grateful to my body for growing four humans and being able to give birth and bring them into the world but I have found it difficult to accept the changes to my body. I would love to be able to embrace my imperfections as they are ultimately what makes me perfect! If I do try to make changes, I will do them for me, not because of the pressures of society or what I see in magazines with celebrities “bouncing back” within a couple of weeks.

Darcie is my 4th baby and has just turned one and I can honestly say I have not weighed myself since the doctor weighed me when I was pregnant to check my weight with Hyperemsis Gravidarum. I am unaware of what I gained during pregnancy and unaware of what I weigh now. It is so important that we change for us and no one else!

I feel very inspired by anyone who can post a photo of their post natal body and be confident with their stretch marks, c section scar, saggy boobs or new curves! I think as women we should be supporting each other, no judgments, just praise and encouragement! Mums supporting mums!

Head to Instagram and search #mumandyou to see the full campaign.

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    Samantha darcy

    Hi chloe. Thank you for making me feel like I’m not the only one. 4 months ago I had my first baby and I hate my body. I am barely intimate with my partner because of what I see in the mirror. I feel like I am continuing to put on weight aswell. Excersise is difficult as I am still sore from the c section. On top of that I have diabetes which isn’t helping the weight gain. I want you to know that you are very brave to tell the Internet your real feelings and I hope you feel better soon. Thank you again

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