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International Women’s Day – let’s hear it for the mums

Happy International Women’s Day! You’ll see in your newsfeeds today mentions of unsung female heroes – historical figures that were never given the spotlight, modern engineers of equality, and stand out individuals that are doing something amazing in their field and giving women a boost everywhere.

We love a glass ceiling-smashing superhero, but what we also want to say on this International Women’s Day is that you don’t need to be breaking records, running marathons, or inventing a world-changing product. Behind every female celebration is a tribe of her cheerleaders, and there’s no better cheerleader than a mum.

While we celebrate the achievements of today’s generation, women everywhere are quietly but determinedly raising tomorrow’s. We want our daughters to grow up in a world where International Women’s Day is a forthright celebration, and not in part an open call to be heard one day a year.

Whether you’re up at 4am developing your next big idea to catapult your success, or up at 4am to do the next feed, every woman has a claim to International Women’s Day, and the right to be reminded that every task, every achievement and every action is worth recognition.

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M&Y x

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    Love this x

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    Great post, inspiring to see a startup of mums taking on the nappy and wipes market. Good luck to you all x

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