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Jessica’s story

I’m Jess and I’ve got a little one who’s just turned 5 months called Ayda. Being pregnant throughout this pandemic was a lot harder then I thought pregnancy was going to be. I was on furlough and shielding from 16 weeks so my pregnancy was really nice in the sense I wasn’t working. However being away from all family and friends was tough and not being able to have my husband with me for scans or when I had to be monitored at the hospital was really hard having to do everything alone. I also feel for all the dads that missed out on the scans and opportunities to support their partner.

My little one was born in August via an emergency C section and the experience after birth was so hard for both me and my husband. I had to stay in for a week due to my little one needing some treatment and then becoming unwell myself therefore needing antibiotics, which meant we had to stay in. 

This was so hard as I was only able to have my husband visit for 2 hours a day which meant he missed out during those early days and I could have done with the help after just having a section. When your emotions are running high and you can do with some support, it’s so hard being in that situation where you feel like you’re having to do it alone. Luckily me and my little one in a sense helped each other through.

It’s been so different to how I imagined with all the lockdowns and family and friends our little one is still yet to meet but we are making the most of being able to spend this time together while we can.

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