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Jess’s story

My son is 3 & I’ve been WFH since March. Our childminder was open til my husband was furloughed in April. I’ve been working from kiddos bedroom so they could play in the lounge (still paying 1/4 to childminder to keep the place).

In Sept he was still home but started nursery AM. Just as dad was back to work our childminder was closed by Ofsted 🙈 The council helped find a new lady and moved our 30hrs.

In week 1 she revealed she was pregnant and closed in Dec. We chased ofsted for info on lady 1 but got nothing so searched for childminder 3.

This time no one had space. We were about to move him to a nursery & lady in another village when we finally found someone who would collect, but only after full day nursery. Nursery was full but somehow made space!

We got through 1 day in Jan before Boris closed the schools but our nursery wouldn’t open either! We asked to shift our 30hrs to her instead but nursery finally let him come with keyworker letter.

And we’re moving house in Feb!

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