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Surviving summer with the kiddies: Nature

There’s nothing better than getting outside in nature with your little ones. Whether you head out to explore a new trail, your local park, or even just your own garden, nature is one of the best backdrops for engaging activities with the children.

Below are a few nature-themed activities that will not only get you outside, but will help your little ones to connect to the wide world around them:

  1. Go on a nature scavenger hunt! Grab a bag and head on out to your garden, local park, or favorite trail to see how many items you can find.
  2. Collect and paint rocks: collecting and painting rocks is a fun activity for any age! Turn rocks into pets or create your own rock garden. Need rock painting inspiration? Grab a rock painting book and create adorable designs to last for years to come.
  3. Create these adorable milk carton bird feeders Make a fairy house: use tree bark, sticks, mud, moss or any other materials around the garden to build your very own pint-sized home perfect for fairies
  4. Plant a butterfly or hummingbird garden using flowers and plants that are known to attract some of nature’s beautiful creatures
  5. Go camping in your garden: you can bring a tent or even make a DIY one  from sticks , and spend the afternoon camping out in the garden
  6. DIY Nature Memory Game: this fun matching memory game can be modified for even the youngest of kids in your family!

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